Now that Shavuot is behind us, we should carry this momentum into the summer that is upon us. Hopefully, the experience of מתן תורה, receiving the Torah, will keep us focused on where our thoughts should be.

The first chapter of מסילת ישרים, speaks of man’s purpose in this world. The ultimate is to achieve the שלימות האמיתי, the true perfection. This is accomplished by knowing what is important and what is not.

We are not here on this world in order to acquire physical possessions or to experience physical pleasures. We are here because of the eternal existence that awaits us in the next world.

Our behavior and actions in this world, are the means towards meriting life in עולם הבא. This world is filled with too many difficulties and imperfections, for us to believe that justice will be found here. True justice is in the next world.

The Torah we study and the Mitzvot we perform are the pursuits that give us satisfaction. This is combined with a complete dependence on Hashem.

Shavuot was meant to reaffirm these basic truths. Let us hope this momentum will keep us focused in the coming weeks ahead.