The Nazir

The Nazir, is a central topic in today’s Parsha. There is great controversy between the Rambam and Ramban as to whether the choice to separate from wine, the dead, and not cutting hair, is a praiseworthy act.

The Rambam felt it was a negative decision, which is why the Nazir offers a sin offering at the end of his Nazirite vow. It’s as if he is telling Hashem that He did not give us enough laws in the Torah. He is afflicting himself unnecessarily.

The Ramban, on the other hand, felt that trying to elevate oneself spiritually, has to be positive. His explanation for the sin offering is that he is punished for ending this period of added spirituality.

Shimon Hatzaddik, who was כהן גדול for forty years, only had one encounter with a Nazir. It involved an extremely handsome individual who first saw his reflection by a small body of water. He needed to become a Nazir to contain his יצר הרע. Such a Nazir, certainly did a praiseworthy act.

We need to be certain that all acts of Kedusha that we take upon ourselves, should be solely motivated by the intention to get closer to Hashem. Shabbat Shalom