Living Securely in our Land

Both פרשת בהר and בחוקותי mention וישבתם בארץ לבטח, that you will live securely in your land. The commentary on these verses teach that only in Israel does one live securely- which is not the case outside of Israel.

Rabbi Soloveitchik points out that the first person in Tanach to make a common mistake was Elimelech, the father in-law of Ruth. He felt that security was expressed with one’s finances. Elimelech thought that as long as he held on to his wealth and possessions, he would be safe and secure. In essence, he thought he could build a wall of economic security.

There are others who foolishly believe that bombs and rockets give a sense of security. The Torah is teaching us that if one truly wants to feel safe, he needs to be living in ארץ ישראל being dependent only on Hashem in His land. Money and rockets are not nearly as strong as the knowledge that it is G-d and Eretz Yisrael that are the ultimate protection.

We must remember that בארץ אתה יושב לבטח ולא בחוצה לה. In your land you are secure, but not outside of the land.