Rachav the Convert

The Haftarah last Shabbat discussed the story of the spies sent by Yehoshua to Jericho. We are introduced to their host, רחב הזונה.

It is fascinating to hear the words of Rachav. She is totally in awe of the achievements of the Jewish people and the G-d of Israel. She fully realized that Hashem is the true G-d and the people of Jericho are in total fear of Hashem’s hand.

The Midrash tells us that Rachav later converted to be part of עם ישראל. Yehoshua was so impressed by her sincerity that he decided to marry Rachav.

Today we also witness great numbers of non-Jews who see Hashem’s hand as He rebuilds the House of Israel. They realize that the fulfillment of numerous prophecies in our time, is a clear proof that Judaism is the only true religion.

I don’t believe that there has been as many conversion candidates as their are today, since the time of the Temple. Like Rachav, they want to embrace the one true religion of the world.