Judaism Needs to Make Sense

Rabbi Soloveitchik equates Korach with those Jews who have trouble embracing Judaism because to them, certain Mitzvot do not make sense. This is why he mocked such Halachot as Mezuza and Tzitzit are foolish. (He asked about a house full of ספרים needing a Mezuza. Or, why should a garment that is entirely made of Techelet require fringes?)

We are to understand that we are to accept the Torah as truth even if certain things do not make sense. We call this עבודה שבלב, worship of the heart.

The תורה שבעל פה, the Oral Law, is not based on logic. It is based on ongoing tradition that began on Sinai as to how the Torah is to be interpreted. It is more faith oriented than logic oriented.

Each person experiences Hashem in his own way. We are never to assume that we have the ability to be smarter than the G-d given system handed down at Mount Sinai.

Korach justified his rebellion because of his need to have Judaism make sense to him. We must not make the same mistake. Shabbat Shalom