Death of Aharon the Rebbe

Parshat חוקת describes the last year in the desert. We learn of the deaths of Miriam and Aharon. And we learn of the personal battle between Moshe Rabbeinu and his slaying of the giants, Sichon and Og and annexing their territories. This area is known today as the Golan Heights.

The passing of Aharon was particularly moving. The nation saw Moshe, Aharon, and Elazar ascend the mountain known as הור ההר. When only Moshe and Elazar came down from the mountain without Aharon, the people asked where he was. It was extremely difficult for them to accept that the beloved Aharon was no longer among them.

Rabbi Soloveitchik compared this scene to separating from a revered rabbi. When a “Rebbe” plays a major role in his students’ life and he is no more, it seems insurmountable to continue life without the rebbe’s influence. They don’t want to accept his departure.

Aharon was missed by the entire nation because of his love and devotion to them. But he will also be remembered as the first Rebbe having to painfully say good-by to his Talmidim. Shabbat Shalom