Everything Belongs to Hashem

There is a תוספות in מסכת ברכות that suggests how we can remind ourselves to give thanks to Hashem while preparing meals.

When setting the table, the Pasuk לה׳ הארץ ומלואה, “The earth and everything in it, belongs to Hashem,” should be recited several times. This is to remind us that the food we are about to eat, is Hashem’s and not ours.

When we clear the table, after enjoying our food, say the Pasuk, “השמים לה׳ והארץ נתן לבני אדם.” The Heaven is G-d’s, but the earth was given to man.

This allows us to show added appreciation for our food, and puts things in perspective as to Whom is running the world. This is a very nice suggestion from תוספות that is worth considering.