Balak and Anti-Semitism

Rabbi Soloveitchik views Parshat Balak as a lesson in learning about anti-semitism. Aside from Bilaam and Balak who hated the Jews, there is also a reference to Amalek. They were the first to attack Israel for no reason at all.

Based on all of this, the Rav comes to the conclusion that there is no rational reason for hating Jews. We see at the end of the Parsha that the hatred was so deep that Balak sent princesses into promiscuous behavior, in order to weaken the Jewish people.

We must be aware that we are a nation that dwells apart. We are meant to be separate and unique in the world.

Therefore, Jewish unity becomes essential. When we are united, no force on earth can harm us. Jews all over the world must stand together regardless of their backgrounds.

Balak speaks of the uniqueness of the Jewish nation, as well as the reality of anti-semitism in the world. The result of this reality is Jewish unity and how vital it is for our existence. Shabbat Shalom.