Respect for Torah Scholars

The Rambam lists two of the 613 Mitzvot related to the treatment of the תלמיד חכם, Torah scholar.

The first is called L’Hedavek B’Yodav, to cleave to those who know Him. The Rambam explains that we are commanded לדבקה בו, to cleave to Him. The way we cleave to Hashem is by being close to the תלמיד חכם. We should help him in business and we should try to have our sons marry the daughter of a תלמיד חכם, and our daughters should marry a תלמיד חכם. We should be close to the תלמיד חכם and thirstily learn from them.

The second Mitzva is titled, “L’Chabed M’Lamdeha V’Yodeha”, to respect Torah teachers and those that know Him. We are commanded to show respect to our Rabbi/Talmid Chacham, even more than to our parents. The parents bring us into this world, and the Rabbi brings us into the next world.

Therefore, we need to take great care in showing respect to the Torah scholar. We are to stand before the Rebbe and take care not to contradict him in a disrespectful manner.

It is probably not so well known that these two Mitzvot exist. We should take great care to observe them.