The People and the Land

Parshat שלח discusses the tragedy of the sin of the מרגלים. Rabbi Soloveitchik said that the connection between last week’s Parsha and this week’s, is that Miriam failed to see the סגולה, specialness of Moshe Rabbeinu and his prophecy. The spies equally failed to see the סגולה of ארץ ישראל.

The Rav goes on to describe the relationship between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel as a kind of marriage. This relationship began a love affair between the people and the land.

Moshe’s intention in sending the spies was like the groom needing to check out the bride before the marriage. Their sin was that they rejected the bride. They did not feel the specialness and holiness of the land. Yehoshua and Calev did feel this excitement and connection.

Unfortunately, today there are numerous Jews in the world who have rejected the bride. Somehow they do not feel that their Judaism is missing anything, despite having little or no connection with the land.

Thankfully, there are over six and a half million Jews who feel this connection and love the land passionately. They have chosen to live here.

Let us hope that the Jews of the Galut will wake up and accept the bride and come home to Israel.