Hashem’s Strength

There is a great deal learned in the manner Moshe Rabbeinu prayed to Hashem for forgiveness for the sin of the spies. The key Pasuk comes from the words, ועתה יגדל נא כח ה׳, “And now, Hashem’s strength should be made great.”

Rabbi Soloveitchik reminisced that as a boy his Chabad Rebbe would cry when he would speak about the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash. It took the Rav about a year until he understood why.

The above Pasuk taught that it is the task of the Jew to increase Hashem’s strength. Israel must reveal Hashem’s existence to the world.

The Rav’s boyhood realization was that although Hashem is Omnipotent, He cannot act alone. We must teach the world that there is a G-d that the world must be subservient to.

Today, according to Rav Shmuel Eliyahu, the numerous fulfillment of prophecies in our times, attests to Hashem’s existence. Instead of intellectually trying to prove Hashem’s existence, Rav Eliyahu simply lists the prophecies and how they have been fulfilled. There cannot be a doubt that Israel of today is what makes Hashem’s strength increase.