Comfort Versus Spirituality

Parshat שלח addressed the issue of the place of ארץ ישראל in connection to one’s Judaism. While it was clear that the purpose of the exodus was to bring ALL of the Jewish people into the Land of Israel, somehow this obvious point is often overlooked.

The issue today as always boils down to the question of materialism versus spirituality. Israel was one of those things acquired through difficulties. Those difficulties involved being able to live as comfortably in other lands just like Israel.

Today this is dramatized even more when Western countries enjoy so much affluence. If a person wishes to be true to his ideals, and is seeking a more meaningful life, he will choose Israel. If he compromises for the sake of the “easier” life, he will choose not to live here and justify this by finding flaws with our little country.

This is the painful truth with very few exceptions. Sometimes it needs to be said. Parshat שלח is a good opportunity to do so. Shavua Tov.