Why We Mourn on Tisha B’Av

A very big misconception exists as to what Tisha B’Av is all about. Plain and simple: We are mourning for the destruction of our two Temples. This destruction sent the Jewish people into exile.

Many feel that Tisha B’Av is a commemoration of anti-semitism throughout the ages. The day is spent dwelling on discussing how much Jews were mistreated throughout the ages.

This is wrong as it is missing the central point. Had the Temples not been destroyed, there would not have been an exile and there would not have been suffering.

The Torah reading for the day warns us that if we do not keep the Mitzvot, we will perish and be scattered among the nations.

Sadly, people don’t understand how much Jewish life and the strength of our people was affected when we were without our Temples. This lack of understanding shows how deeply in Galut so many Jews find themselves. To borrow a familiar phrase, “We want Mashiach now!”