Shavua Tov. There is an interesting indirect reference to the great עזרא הסופר in פרשת ואתחנן.

On the Pasuk, ואותי צוה ה׳, “And Hashem commanded me,” the Gemara in סנהדרין says that Moshe was mentioning that he was chosen by Hashem to give the Torah. This implies that had Hashem not chosen Moshe to give the Torah, He would have chosen Ezra, who was also worthy for such a lofty task.

The Torah Temima expands on this by explaining what an effective teacher Ezra was. He had the very difficult job of bringing back the Jews of the Exile to Israel. Like Moshe, Ezra was the kind of teacher who was able to educate and inspire.

The miracle of our survival is how great leaders arose during the most trying times, to steer עם ישראל back on course. Ezra was one such leader.