Loving Your Occupation

The Gemara in Brachot 43b, makes an interesting observation. There is a Pasuk in Kohelet that says, את הכל עשה יפה בעיתו, that Hashem made everything beautiful in its time.

This teaches that G-d made everyone’s craft appear beautiful in his eyes. Rashi adds that even the tanner is content being a tanner. This is despite the fact that his job involves working with horrible odors.

Hashem’s wisdom is amazing that He created a situation where all occupations for the betterment of society, are filled. And each respective individual who does his respective job, is happy doing it. He did all of this so that no specific craft is lacking.

The Gemara is articulating how vast Hashem’s wisdom and loving kindness really is. He truly looks after all of our needs. Shabbat Shalom