Eretz Yisrael and Yisurim

There is a well known saying  of the Talmud that three things are acquired with יסורים: Torah, Olam Haba, and Eretz Yisrael. The word יסורים is generally translated as “suffering”, but can also be translated as, “rebuke”.

The Gemara in Brachot explains that Eretz Yisrael and יסורים are learned from the positioning of the verses in this week’s Parsha.

The Torah uses the ייסר, to rebuke, to tell us that just as a father rebukes his son, so, too, does Hashem rebuke us. This is followed by a Pasuk that describes how Hashem is bringing us to Eretz Yisrael. The positioning of the two verses teaches that Eretz Yisrael is acquired by יסורים,