Message of יפת תואר

Rabbi Soloveitchik has a completely different take on the story of the יפת תואר. Instead of taking the case literally that we are referring to a non-Jewish woman taken captive in battle, there is an entirely different message here.

The Rav claimed that the יפת תואר alludes to a lesson in how we are to interact with other cultures, when we are forced to live among them.

Using Greece as an example, we are meant to carefully examine what we might learn from them. Gaining a greater insight into math, science, or architecture, could be beneficial.

However, when a particular culture lives with immorality, or other decadent practices, we must be vigilant to be certain that our own sanctity, is not harmed.

There is no shortage of egotism, vulgarity, and impurity in the world. The יפת תואר reminds us that we must never allow ourselves to compromise our sacred Jewish values. Shabbat Shalom