The Zionistic Birkat Hamazon

The ברכת המזון that we recite after every meal, is a very Zionistic prayer. It is also known as שלוש ברכות, the three blessings.

In actuality, there are four blessings in Birkat Hamazon. The first three are from the Torah, and the fourth is from the Rabbis.

This fourth Bracha of הטוב והמטיב, was decreed by the elders of Yavne. It was a blessing of thanksgiving after the fall of Beitar, when the bodies of the fallen Jews, did not decompose.

The first Bracha acknowledges how Hashem sustains us. The second Bracha gives thanks for Eretz Yisrael. And the third, gives praise and gratitude for Jerusalem.

In essence, every time we “Bench”, we thank Hashem for our food and we give thanks for the beautiful land and Jerusalem that we were given by the grace of G-d.