Things We Need to Fix

It is often very difficult to get into the Teshuva mode. Rosh Hashanah is fast approaching and somehow, we need to get motivated to begin working at self-improvement.

The חיי אדם helps us in this endeavor, as he points out areas that we are all a bit lax, and certainly need to work on.

One area is connected with speech. We are all guilty of speaking some kind of Lashon Hara. We probably have made oral vows and commitments we did not keep. We may have used bad language at one time or another. And, we have not been perfect in remembering to say a Bracha, before and after eating.

The next area would be in the way we conducted ourselves with others. Did we belittle someone? Did we cause shame or embarrassment to our fellow Jew? Did we violate our obligation to love every Jew?

The final category deals with our own character flaws. Were we unable to conquer our anger? Were we insincere in our interaction with others? Did we scoff or give insincere flattery? Did we act humbly or haughtily?

The חיי אדם wants us to know that we all have work to do. Hashem gives us this time of year to try and fix these flaws. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity!