This week’s Parsha has the long תוכחה rebuke, of Moshe Rabbeinu. He makes it abundantly clear the reward that awaits us if we observe the Mitzvot. The punishment for not obeying is presented in vivid detail.

There is one Pasuk in particular that is very interesting and often overlooked. It simply says, ופחדת לילה ויום, that you will live in fear by day and by night. This is a very serious curse.

Rabbi Soloveitchik expands on this and says that the Torah is referring to fear that has no foundation. It is a fear of nothing tangible. Fear is good in small doses only. Large fear is harmful. The Rav goes on to say that fear is the source of all neuroses.

The remedy is to cleave and return to Hashem. When we are close to Him, we feel His protection and realize that there is nothing to fear at all. Shabbat Shalom