Fear of Heaven

The ארחות צדיקים also emphasizes the importance of יראת שמים, fear of Heaven. The author makes a simple observation regarding Moshe Rabbeinu, King David, and Shlomo Hamelech. These were three of the greatest Jews that ever lived.

Each of these giants pointed out how יראת ה׳ was so significant.

Moshe Rabbeinu mentions this in yesterday’s Parsha. מה ה׳ שואל מעמך כי אם ליראה, Hashem asks of us to fear Him.

David in Psalms wrote ראשית חכמה יראת ה׳, the beginning of wisdom is fear of G-d.

And Shlomo in Kohelet wrote, סוף דבר הכל נשמע את האלוקים ירא ואת מצוותיו תשמור כי זה כל האדם, when all is said and done, fear G-d and keep the commandments for this is all there is to man.

If Moshe, David, and Shlomo, felt that fear of Hashem is important, so must we.