Protect Your Home

Rav Amnon Yitzchak, is a well known Yemenite rabbi, who attracts big audiences to his talks. He is controversial but is thought to be very charismatic by many.

On the Pasuk לא תביא תועבה אל ביתך, that one should not bring an abomination into one’s home, Rav Yitzchak said the word is not תועבה, but TV! This is a hint from the Torah that one should not have a television in his home.

While Rav Amnon’s view is pretty extreme, the lesson here is a good one. We are to make our homes a מקדש מעט, a small sanctuary. We do have to be careful what we let into our home.

Negative and jealous people should not be allowed to disrupt the harmony of our family. תועבה and TV might be a stretch, but protecting the sanctity of our home, is not.