Diligence in Torah Study

Shavua Tov. Before the ceremony at הר גריזים and הר עיבל, Moshe Rabbeinu tells the people that on that day the people became a nation.

The Gemara in Brachot asks the obvious question. Didn’t we become a nation forty years earlier on הר סיני. The answer is to teach us that the Torah is beloved to those who study it each day, as if it was given anew on הר סיני.

The Torah Temima points out that Moshe was hinting that those who study the Torah diligently, like the Kohanim and Leviim, see the Torah as if given on Sinai. However, the masses who do not study, are unable to come to this level of appreciation.

The Torah is a treasure that needs to be unlocked. The rewards for its study are far greater than we are aware of. Let us all resolve to be more diligent in our Torah study during the coming year.