Study with חברותא

There is a word used in כי תבוא, that is found only once in all of תנ״ך. This is the word, הסכת, that is usually translated to mean that we are to pay close attention to the Mitzvot.

The גמרא in ברכות says that the word הסכת means that we are to make כתות כתות ועסקו בתורה, groups upon groups and be busy with Torah study.

This is a source for the study of Torah in חברותות, in pairs or groups, and not individual study. Torah is better acquired in חברותא study. The Gemara goes further to say that we are sinning for lack of knowledge.

Many education experts have marveled at the Yeshiva system of study. When we are able to bounce off ideas with our learning partners, we are able to achieve greater clarity in understanding the material.

Torah study is important. But Torah study with a חברותא, is even better!