Succot and Clouds of Glory

Shavua Tov. There is a direct connection between the Succa and the ענני הכבוד, the Clouds of Glory, in the desert. On Rosh Hashanah, the Haftarah praised the faith of עם ישראל for following Moshe and Hashem in a barren wilderness.

This faith was rewarded by the protection provided by the ענני הכבוד. Some commentators say that these clouds literally enveloped the Jewish people on all sides. They were not harmed by dangerous animals and they were able to feel how Hashem was watching over them.

This was the message of Succot. It is a time when we reflect on that which is permanent and that which is temporary. The Succa reminds us how fragile we all really are. Our hope and strength depends on our closeness to G-d.

This is what Succot and the ענני הכבוד teach us. We will succeed if we put our faith completely in Hashem. Chag Sameach