More on Kohelet

Shavua Tov. Moadim Lesimcha. I heard several comments today regarding Kohelet and what a depressing book it is. Actually, Chazal also had some debate as to whether or not this book should be part of Tanach.

It was felt that the whole book was worthwhile because of the last Pasuk that spoke of fear of Heaven כי זה כל האדם, for that is what is worthwhile to man.

The idea here is that יראת שמים is critical to the way that man must function. Life and worldly pursuits are futile if they are not accompanied by יראת שמים.

“There is nothing new under the sun,” is true in the sense that human nature does not really change. But what is “above the sun”, meaning the עולם הרוחני, the spiritual world, is that which makes life meaningful.

People cannot find true happiness if they are not heavily involved in spiritual pursuits. And when these pursuits include strong יראת שמים, then life suddenly becomes most fulfilling.