Blocked by the Klipa

Shavua Tov. Rav Shlomo Mann זצ״ל makes an interesting observation about today’s Parsha. Rav Mann questions Rashi’s commentary on the first Pasuk.

The Torah tells us that Yitro heard that Hashem took us out of Egypt. Yet Rashi says that Yitro also heard about the war with Amalek.

Rav Mann asks how did Rashi know that he heard about Amalek. There is no hint to this in the text of the Torah.

Rav Mann’s answer is that Amalek represents the קליפה, or shell, that is pure evil and blocks people’s spiritual perception. When Amalek was defeated and its evil weakened, Yitro was able to perceive Hashem’s greatness. Before this, his vision was blocked by impurities represented by Amalek. His vision was clear and he chose to convert and become part of עם ישראל.

May the eyes of all our people who are blocked by their being entrenched in a Galut mentality, be opened.