When Yitro saw how hard Moshe was working, he suggested that Moshe get some help in leading the people.

He would choose the choicest of the nation to act as judges. They would have three basic qualities. They needed to be יראי אלוקים, G-d fearing individuals. They needed to be אנשי אמת, men of truth and highly honest. And they needed to be שונאי בצע, haters of money.

This last quality meant that they had the right attitude about money. When they were judging, they were incapable of being bribed.

It might have been easier to find G-d fearing and honest people more than this third group. People need to detach themselves from their money and see that money isn’t the ultimate.

Rav Elazar שליט״א, said it best. אם אין כסף, אין מצוות. We are to view our money as the instrument to do Mitzvot.