Man and Not Angels

The Parshiot in שמות describe the emergence of the sons of Yakov into becoming a nation. Their special destiny was to receive the Torah and teach morality to the world.

There is a well known Midrash that describes a discussion between the angels and Hashem. They wanted to know why the Jewish people were worthy to keep the Torah.

Hashem explained that man, unlike angels, has a יצר הרע and he needs the laws of the Torah to help him overcome his evil inclination.

Rabbeinu Bechaye expands on this even further by saying that angels do not experience קנאה, jealousy, but humans do. Because they are spiritual beings, they do not experience competition the way that man does.

People are only jealous of those similar to them. A wise man will not be jealous of a fool. He might be jealous of another wise man. A wealthy man will not be envious of a pauper. But he might be envious of another wealthy person.

When all of this was explained to the angels, it became clear why they did not need the Torah. But it was man who desperately needed it in order to cope with man’s frailties. Shabbat Shalom