Pursue Torah

Rabbeinu Bechaye in his introduction to פרשת וילך makes an analogy. Just as bread and wine are the principle foods needed for man’s physical sustenance, חכמה, wisdom, and Torah are the principle spiritual foods needed for the soul.

The word “וילך” has the word “הולך”, to go, in it. Sometimes one must travel great distances to be able to find Torah.

In order to find Torah, one must remove jealousy from his heart. He must not use Torah to gain power or authority. He must work hard to the point of weariness, to acquire it. All of the Mitzvot provide nourishment for the soul.

This coming Shabbat is known as Shabbat Shuva. It is customary to hear words of Torah from the great scholars of each community on this Shabbat. Some people travel great distances on this special Shabbat to find inspiration and spiritual elevation before Yom Kippur.

This is a most appropriate beginning to the new year, when its first Shabbat is spent seeking Torah. May we merit finding and realizing the beauty and strength we get from Torah, as it nourishes our souls.