Temple Service

The Temple service, known as the Avodah, was an extremely moving experience. The central figure of this service, was the Kohein Gadol.

The High Priest was very active throughout the day. He personally slaughtered fifteen animals used for the various sacrifices. He entered the Holy of Holies four times, he changed his clothes and immersed in the Mikva five times, and washed his hands and feet ten times.

But the most awesome moments of the day were when the כהן גדול uttered the שם המפורש, the ineffable name of G-d ten times. Those who were fortunate enough to hear this holy recitation, spontaneously fell on their faces to show respect as they felt Hashem’s Presence so near to them.

As we say in our Machzor, “Happy are they who witnessed such sanctity.” For us, as we read about this, it should create a longing for the Third Temple. May it be speedily rebuilt in our times.