Kohein Health Issues

There is a reference in this week’s Parsha by Rabbeinu Bechaye to the difficulties the Kohanim had to endure by serving in the Temple.

Parshat תצוה speaks of the Priestly garments that were worn in all types of weather. The כהן הדיוט, regular Kohein, simply wore a hat, long shirt, a belt and pants. He walked barefoot and was not allowed to wear anything other than these four garments. The Temple did not have under floor heating, so that it was a major challenge to do the Temple service in winter.

Kohanim could be asked to eat a great deal of sanctified meat as part of their service.

We are taught in מסכת שקלים that there was a resident doctor in the Temple at all times who was expert in both feet issues and digestion.

It is fair to assume that our third Temple will have all of the amenities available, to make serving in the Beit Hamikdash a little easier. May it speedily be rebuilt.