Nothing Happens for Nothing

We believe very strongly in the concept of השגחה פרטית which is translated loosely as “Divine supervision”. Hashem guides our lives and all that happens in the course of any given day, is orchestrated by Hashem.

When we make the decision to choose a particular path, Hashem helps us get there. If we choose good, we will be directed in that way. And if our decision is to distance ourselves from holiness, that will also happen. In short, nothing happens for nothing.

One such example is a story told by Rashi. He once was walking on the road and a woman came galloping by on a horse. Rashi wondered why Hashem ordained it that this woman should pass right by him.

As she passed, he saw her from her back and noticed she was wearing a dress that was criss-crossed. Rashi had his answer. Until that moment, he couldn’t figure out how the Kohein Gadol wore his special apron. Hashem showed the woman on the horse to answer his question.

This is השגחה פרטית. Nothing happens for nothing.