The Haftarah of last week’s Parsha was the story of Eliyahu Hanavi at Mount Carmel. This was a showdown between Eliyahu and the false prophets of Baal.

The Jewish people at that time were enticed into worshipping Baal. At the same time, they continued to observe Jewish practices.

Eliyahu needed to prove the truth of Hashem and the Torah. He did this by successfully bringing down a fire to consume his sacrifice.

He challenged עם ישראל with the famous line, עד מתי אתם פוסחים על שתי הסעיפים, how long will you straddle both sides of the fence? If it is Hashem, choose Hashem. If Baal, choose Baal.

This is such an important message. So often we see people that live in two worlds; the secular and the religious. Sometimes people can’t make up their minds. Or they are afraid to take the appropriate steps to make changes.

The lesson from this Eliyahu Hanavi episode is that we must not be afraid to do the right thing. Choosing Hashem and holiness will bring happiness, contentment, and peace of mind. This is the only choice.