Chodesh Tov. One of the important ideas of פרשת משפטים is the idea of giving loans. The Pasuk says, אם כסף תלוה את עמי, “If you will loan money to my people.”

In this case the word “אם” is not meant to mean “if” but more like, “when”. This means that every Jew should see it as his duty to help others with loans.

Among the highest levels of charity, aside from giving a poor person a job, is giving him a loan.

The Talmud spends pages and pages discussing the subject of loans and their repayment. The Rabbis needed to create a simple apparatus for the collection of laws. They did not want to create a situation where people would not want to lend for fear they would not get paid back.

In short, we must never minimize the importance of loans as a means to help those in need.