Show and Tell

We are taught all about the construction of the Mishkan in this week’s Parsha. Each of the vessels of the Mishkan were very impressive to see.

Most of these vessels were housed in the אהל מועד, tent of meeting, or in the היכל in the Beit Hamikdash. Only Kohanim were allowed to enter these structures.

When the nation would come to the Temple during the pilgrimage festivals, they were treated to an amazing sight.

The Kohanim would pick up the שלחן with the showbread and bring it to the entrance of the Heichal, so that all could see it. Likewise, the curtains to the Holy of Holies were opened so that the holy ark, the ארון הקודש, could be seen by non-Kohanim from the entrance.

The Temple experience was very spiritual and elevating. May it be built speedily in our time. Shabbat Shalom