Shavua Tov. Today’s Haftarah is very important in connecting major events in Jewish history.

The source is מלכים א׳ Chapters five and six describing the construction of the בית המקדש of Shlomo. We learn of the massive seven year project that he undertook.

We learn that Shlomo used 70,000 workers who were נשא סבל, those who carried all of the heavy material for construction. He also used 80,000 workers who were חצב בהר, chiseled into the mountains. But the key number is 480.

In Chapter six verse one it reads, that at the end of 480 years from יציאת מצרים, the Temple of Shlomo was completed. When we know that the first Temple lasted 410 years and the second, 420 years, everything comes together. We only need to remember the seventy years between first and second Temple as prophesied by Jeremiah, and all makes sense.

Remember that number, 480. Very important.