Mordechai Kicks Haman

There is a very strange Midrash connected with Purim that is not exactly politically correct.

When Haman has to take Mordechai around the city in the king’s horse, Mordechai makes a request of Haman. He tells him that he’s very tired from his three day fast. He asks him to kneel down so that he can stand on his back in order to be able to mount the horse.

When Haman complies, Mordechai kicks him very hard on his way on the horse. Haman asks why he did it. Aren’t Jews forbidden to rejoice at the fall of their enemy? Mordechai explained that this applied to Jewish enemies- not like evil Gentiles like him!

The message here is that we must not forget that we Jews are family. There is a special bond between us even when we disagree. This is something we cherish. It is not the same with Gentiles. This is the reality we must accept.