Shavua Tov. It is very difficult to understand why Amalek hated עם ישראל with such a passion. This was a deep rooted hatred that has lasted for generations.

It is also interesting how the strong anti-semites make it their business to know a lot about Jewish traditions.

For example, Haman thought the month of Adar was a good time to kill the Jews because he knew that Moshe Rabbeinu died in that month. (He may have overlooked that Moshe was also born in that month.)

The Ralbag says that the reason why Amalek wanted to annihilate the Jews was because they were aware of Yitzchak’s blessing to Yakov. They knew that it was predicted that they would become slaves to the Jewish people. They thought the blessing would be canceled if all the Jews were destroyed.

May this come to pass that all our enemies be destroyed.