Fast of Esther

Tomorrow we observe תענית אסתר, the Fast of Esther. It is meant to commemorate the three day fast that Esther declared on Pesach, following the knowledge of Haman’s evil decree.

This particular fast symbolized a significant change in the spiritual status of the Jewish people. The sincere repentance by the entire nation of Israel, was nothing less than remarkable.

The words in the Megillah used to express this was, קימו וקבלו, they fulfilled and they accepted. The Rabbis go a step further and say, קימו באהבה מה שקבלו ביראה בהר סיני. They fulfilled out of love that which they accepted out of fear on Mount Sinai.

The תענית אסתר declared in Shushan, achieved its intended purpose. The Jewish people were saved and their enemies were destroyed. Let us hope that tomorrow’s Fast of Esther, will achieve the same results.