Betzalel’s Creativity

Shavua Tov. Our Parsha mentions the artistic talents of Betzalel and Oholiav. They were the main artisans involved in carving out the details of the Mishkan.

Rabbeinu Bechaye points out that Betzalel May have only been thirteen years old when he was given this holy mission. He also points out how much more impressive it is that their creativity came out shortly after the Egyptian slavery.

Perhaps this was a sign for the future of the Jewish people in the Exile. A study was done showing that there were many more Jewish noble prize winners during difficult times than when times were good.

Somehow we were motivated as a people to survive with creativity and ingenuity.

There was no doubt that our closeness to Hashem and sincere prayers helped give us the determination to succeed.

This is why there is a comparison between the Jewish people. Just like olive oil rises to the top when placed with other liquids, so do the Jewish people excel in every difficult situation.

Betzalel’s creativity is but one example.