Four Purim Mitzvot

Purim has four basic Mitzvot that need to be observed during the course of the day.

We are to hear the Megillah twice both in the evening and in the morning. Women are also obligated to hear the Megillah twice.

We are obligated to give מתנות לאביונים, money to the poor. We fulfill this Mitzva by giving at least a small sum to two poor people on Purim day.

We are also obligated to give משלוח מנות. We fulfill this by giving two different ready to eat foods to at least one friend.

And finally, we are to partake of סעודת פורים, the Purim meal. This year it is preferred to start and finish the meal by noon. If this is difficult, then start the meal before noon and finish three hours before Shabbat. We are to enter Shabbat with a hearty appetite for Shabbat.

Enjoy and Purim Sameach!