Heavenly Fire

Rabbeinu Bechaye points out that fire from שמים has been used in numerous situations to clarify matters.

We saw the tragedy of the fire that consumed נדב ואביהו, the sons of Aharon. However, there were numerous other times when a Heavenly fire was a blessing.  The fire that came down in Eliyahu Hanavi’s time in his showdown with Baal, totally defeated them.

Both David and Shlomo witnessed Heavenly fires.

We also learned of such  fires when Gidon was chosen as שופט, judge. And it also took place when מנוח, the father of Shimshon, was told that his son would be a redeemer of Israel.

The people in those times were worthy of such Divine signs that brought clarity as to what Hashem’s will was.

As we witness more and more open miracles here in Israel, it won’t be long before we, too, will merit seeing Heavenly fires.