Aharon’s Silence

A very significant part of the tragedy of the death of Aharon’s two sons, Nadav and Avihu, was Aharon’s reaction. The Torah simply says, וידום אהרון, and Aharon remained silent.

Aharon’s silence was highly commendable as he did not question Hashem’s justice at all. He set the example for future generations as to how to deal with tragedy.

We can contrast Aharon’s reaction to that of איוב, Job. When he lost his children, Iyov said the famous Pasuk, “Man enters the world naked and returns naked. Hashem gives and Hashem takes away. May the name of Hashem be blessed.”

At this point, he accepted his horrible decree. But later, went through a stage of bitterness and disrespect towards G-d.

At one point, the Talmud in בבא בתרא says that Iyov was reprimanded because of his constant second guessing the ways of G-d. He is told, “Are you a Chavruta towards Heaven that you can question Hashem’s ways?”

We are to follow Aharon’s example of absolute faith and trust that Hashem knows best.