Moadim Lesimcha and Shavua Tov. We began counting ספירת העומר this evening.

Now that the Seder is behind us, what should be uppermost on our minds is הכרת הטוב, giving gratitude to Hashem for our lot in the world.

We certainly should be grateful on a personal level for Hashem’s abundant blessings. We need never to take for granted Hashem’s kindness in giving us so much.

On a national level, the recent fire in France at Notre Dame, should serve as a reminder as to how much we suffered at the hands of the Christians. We were mocked and ridiculed for our G-d having abandoned us.

Today we see the rebirth of the State of Israel, and Jewish influence all over the world. Hashem has returned to His people. Our very existence serves as living proof of the falsehood of Christianity and Islam. For that, too, we need to be immensely grateful.