Exodus Was True

The Kuzari, written by Rav Yehuda Halevi, discusses the miracles of the Ten Plagues, the splitting of the Red Sea, and the exodus from Egypt.

He makes the claim that these events have to be true and are not open to any question as to whether or not they actually happened.

Although Christianity and Islam adopted the rejectionist view of G-d and the Jewish people, they do not question the validity of the events depicted in the Torah.

The Kuzari’s main argument is based on evidence. If the whole world, including our detractors, accept that there was an exodus from Egypt with all the signs and wonders, it must have happened.

This is the basis as to how the king of the Chazar’s was convinced that Judaism is the only true religion. He wondered why only Judaism began with such an open manifestation of G-d’s might, while the other religions kind of evolved.

This is a very strong proof of the Torah. And this is a main theme of Pesach. We are to tell the story in order to strengthen our faith and commitment to Hashem and the Torah.