Moshe’s Empowerment

The Rambam makes an important observation in connection with the leadership of Moshe Rabbeinu. He wanted to make it abundantly clear that we believe in the prophecies of Moshe for one reason only.

The Rambam says that Moshe was the only leader in the history of mankind who was empowered directly by G-d to be the leader of the Jewish people. The Pasuk in Yitro is cited which says, “Behold I will appear to you in the thickness of the clouds, in order that the nation hears when I speak with you, so that they will believe in you, forever.”

The entire nation heard Hashem tell Moshe that he was to lead the people. This never happened before. This is why we believe in the truth of Moshe’s teachings. His performance of miracles pales in comparison with this empowerment.

Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom