One Who Lives in Israel is a Tzaddik

This week’s Parsha and last week’s Parsha both end with the words, “ולא תקיא הארץ אתכם”, that the Land should not vomit you out.

Based on these Pesukim, it is said that anyone who lives in Israel, is a Tzaddik. For if one were not righteous, the Land would not tolerate him. This is the reason given that the seven nations be driven from Israel. Their ways are evil, and the Land cannot tolerate their behavior.

There is a well known Midrash that says that in the future, those who chose to live in Israel will fly, while those who came under duress, will not be able to fly. They will be told that their connection to materialism holds them down and doesn’t allow them to soar.

Therefore, those who struggle to make their lives here, and suffer hardships that they wouldn’t in the Diaspora, will be rewarded. Hashem already views them as Tzaddikim.