A World of Light and Darkness

This week’s Parsha is תזריע, which begins by speaking of a woman giving birth. There is a whole process as to how the new mother adjusts to the experience of giving birth.

She must be separated for a period until she gets back to herself and again functions as a productive spiritual being. She is even obligated to offer a קרבן when the purification process is over.

Rabbeinu Bechaye points out that the new baby is making a transition of his own. While he is in the womb, he is in the world of חושך, darkness. As the child grows, he becomes part of this world. It is a world of both אור and חושך, light and darkness. And if this individual grows to live a saintly way of life, he will enter the world that is complete אור.

May we all merit to pass all of the tests of this world of אור and חושך, and be זוכה to the world that is כולו אור. Shabbat Shalom