Our Beginning as a Nation

Shavua Tov. פרשת החודש that was read today reflects on our emerging as a nation after being in Egypt for 210 years.

Moshe and Aharon are given the command in the decadent Land of Egypt, that Nissan was to be the first of all months. They were to begin making the necessary preparations to leave on their way to Eretz Yisrael.

The immediate business at hand was to prepare the קרבן פסח. The lambs were to be taken on the 10th of Nissan, slaughtered on the fourteenth, and its blood painted on the doorposts. This blood along with the blood of the ברית מילה that they were also involved in, is what saved each Jewish home. The מלאך המות, Angel of death, passed over these homes.

It is our obligation to retell this story every year in order that we recognize Hashem’s kindness in taking us out of bondage.

This הכרת הטוב, where we enumerate the numerous other favors Hashem bestowed upon us, is one of the major themes of Pesach. It is incumbent upon us that we learn this lesson among the many other lessons taught at this time.